Thursday, April 4, 2013

Benefits of a blended family

 There are many challenges facing in the blended family.  All blended families are different for various reasons. Their dynamics are different and thus they operate differently. Blended families are fully capable of raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted members of society by family members devotions.
We need to change our focus from the negative aspects of blended families to the positive and help them to have success life.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Attention seeking? how can I help?

I read some articles about that and they suggest that
1. Catch them being good. Give attention for appropriate behavior. Look for opportunities to make a positive comment. Fill up the attention hole with good stuff as many times a day as you can.
2. Ignore the misbehavior but not the child. Negative reactions will only keep the negative interaction going. Instead, simply quietly send her to timeout  When the time’s up, invite her to come back to join the family. Give her reassurance that you know she can behave now. Then find a way to engage with her positively for at least a few minutes before moving on.
3. Be consistent. It’s the only way children know we mean what we say.
4. Repeat. Repeat until the child gets it. Repeat whenever misbehavior is more than a momentary lapse. Repeat more than you think should be necessary. Do it until it becomes a pattern of interaction in your family’s life.

It is good principle for parents to deal with kids every day.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Four qualities my Children have to have, I wish

Before parents want their kids to have good qualities, Parents should have the qualities of cooperation, respect, responsibility, and courage.  My kids and I can work together and cooperate each other by listening and taking each other. I learn a lot from my kids and I teach them when they need educations. We can teach each other in respect manner. I want to show my respect to them. I give my children certain amounts of responsibility and make them stick to the choices they make. I really want my children to have courage to try new things and stand up in right position.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Communication is so important between a husband and wife. . We all have different opionion about somethinkg, so there could be some confiction.  We try to open our mind and ready to understand each other before we tell something what we think. It is good if we express our love before communication.  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Crisis could be an opportunity!

This week's lesson was good and I had time to think aobut my life.
I know that my life is  challenging but I am learning and am blessed from challges.  
A few weeks ago at Sunday school meeting, my tears ran down my cheeks constantly because I felt a feeling that the bishop wouldn’t have understood me, my situation, and if I would have an interview with him someday. The bishop mentioned when he had an interview with church members who talked about their difficult situations, He asked them “do you believe that Heavenly Father knows you and will guide you in the right way, and right time. And when they answered yes and the bishop says to them, “if you have faith, it will work out, believe him”. After he said this to them, and finish the interview, always the church members tried to say like this: “but bishop, I have a different circumstance, mine is hard….” At that meeting, the bishop said, “We are always saying we have a faith in heavenly father, but actually we do not believe in him completely.  He was looked like a very cold man to me at that time, because I thought everyone had a difficult time even when they had faith. I thought they needed someone who can hear they burden.  I said to myself, why he cannot understand them at first, and comfort before he talks. Do they have not enough faith in heavenly father?  After the meeting, I talked to my husband about how I felt during when the bishop talked at Sunday school. My husband said something like this, “if we have a faith, there is no excuse. Just believe him and follow him. I think our bishop was right.” I was kind of surprised with my husband’s respond; I tried to believe that the bishop’s talk was right. If we believe in heavenly father completely, everything will come true at right time, the right way.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Understanding each other

 Eventhough a humsband and wife love each other, there would be problems in marraige. The most problems are from less communicate in our marriage and we think, we didn’t understand our spouse well. It  seemes like we are speaking different languages. love and respect help us succeed!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


To getting married is, kind of, to decide to live in foreign country. The marriage couple faces so many different adjustments from different backgrounds and culture. A couple need to adjust to different traditions, habits (eating, sleeping..), rules , language, careers, budgeting. For better adjustment, good communication skill is needed but it is not easy to start and understand each other because each person used to communicate in his/her own way. we need to learn to communicate successfully to overcome difficult situations.